Friday, February 11, 2005


The poet told us, "Try, try again ... then quit. No use being a fanatic about anything."
Well, my first attempt at a blog failed. Technical problems that I just don't understand.
Anyway, here is my second attempt.
If this doesn't work, then I'll just toss my computer into the trash.
Please do feel free to comment.


Anonymous said...

Yes, blame technology can be confusing to some of us.
But I'm glad you tried again.
You will have a lot to offer, and I wish you the best of luck.

Michael Morrison

Anonymous said...

I tend to be in complete agreement with Alice. The Republicans advertise themselves as the party of small government, but we get more programs and more deficit. In the name of "fiscal" responsibility the Democrats will raise our taxes but they can't find a single government program that can be eliminated. As third parties are progressively shut out from participation in elections, I think this is a pretty hopeless situation. I am resigned to the fact that our government will gradually expand until our liberties are more restricted than the Stalinist period in the former USSR. Best Fritz Ward