Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Footnotes and End Notes

News Sources:

Suggested Readings: A Website by Christians who oppose the war in Iraq. "Take the Sunset Pledge!" Clarion call for baby boomers to rise up again as we did during the Vietnam era. YouTube video illustrates how Christian conservative-owned or -led private security company Blackwater is a major threat to freedom in your town. Hedges, Chris: "America's Holy Warriors." The religious right is moving into chaplaincies in police departments and the military. I don't think that this in and of itself should be a major issue, but it is an issue because of the religious right's advocacy of theocracy and the codifying of their version of morality into law. Another issue is that the military and the police are being coddled by the religious right. Lang, Rich: "We Dare Not Speak its Name." When are pastors going to stand up to the establishment and preach the Word? Safranek, Stephen: "Free Forty Million Americans: Privatize Marriage." Many problems would be solved with the separation of marriage and state. Whitehead, John W.: "Is the Christian Right a Fascist Movement?" A must-read on the subject at hand. It talks about the "Dominionists," whose authoritarian philosophy is particularly dangerous. Thornton, Mark: "The Vietnam Soldier for Drug Victory." We need to abandon the insane war on drugs just as we finally pulled out of 'Nam. The war causes a spectrum of problems. The stricter it is, the worse the problems are. Lora, Manuel: "Let Kids Buy Vodka!" Not only is the government raising the kids now, but it is keeping all of us kids all our lives. I also thought back to the Old South when blacks were forbidden by law to sit at (supposedly privately owned) lunch counters. Have things really changed? Schwiesow, Jim R.: "Keeping Us Down and Keeping Us Broke." Good article, and right on. Laws protecting us from ourselves have become a cash cow for paternalistic nanny-states. This article is just a bit lighthearted, but it needed to be to keep me from throwing my computer out the window in blind rage against the system. Just let me say this: The first police officer who dares give me a ticket for not wearing a seat belt will spend a great deal of the rest his or her life in court since I will not stop until I either die or win. It is Alice Lillie’s God-given right to take a personal risk.

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