Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Works of Murray N. Rothbard (Part I)


Anonymous said...

I saw your comment over at Townhall on the 2nd Amendment.
I agree but still feel they still don't have it right. Either they don't "get it" which, given their intelligence, seems a little far fetched. Or they don't WANT to "get it" which is dangerous for our side.

I have lots of trouble getting on the TH newsletter and even more getting to comments. PC is older than Methusla and slower than the continental drift.

Alice Lillie said...

Thank you so much.

Oh, "they" (meaning the powers-that-be and their followers) "get it" all right. They just do not want people to be able to protect themselves.

A lot of the general population do not get it, however, and are being fooled by "them."

I sure understand about your computer. Mine isn't much better.


Anonymous said...

I "hang out" a lot over at "Constitutional Crawfish" a blog on Townhall. He is an active Navy.
I also "hang out" at "No Liberal Spin" a retired Marine or "Pepperhawk Farm"

check them out. They have much the same idea as have you.

Anonymous said...
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Alice Lillie said...

Thank you, and I will definitely check out that Ron blog.

I'll also check out those Town Hall pages someone was kind enough to list, if I can find them.


Anonymous said...

Greetings, family member!
I see that your last name is spelled the same as mine is, LILLIE.
I ran across this blog by a few 'twists of fate', from Infowars, to OpEd news, and reading comments on an article about the NSA, and killing bloggers; such as myself, and you.
I take some pride in the fact that I am blonde (very fine, as in NOT COARSE, hair!), fit and trim, and a LILLIE. I understand that our family name came from the city of Lille, France, way back at the 'end' of the 'dark ages'(incidentally, the European end of the Channel Tunnel, or, Chunnel.
I have a framed picture of the "Scottish Games at Lillie Bridge" on my wall in the living room.
As to the question of if it is time to get the House in Order, the answer is, resoundingly, YES.
As for me, I am supporting Dr. Ron Paul, the Honorable 10-term Congressman from Texas, in all ways that are afforded to me at this time.
I will be at the Rally for the Republic, in Minneapolis, August 31 through September 2, 2008.
My grandfather was named Robert E.A. Lillie, a retired Lt. Colonel, test pilot, for the USMC. He had three children, Robert, Guenivere, and Jasper. I dare to name myself fully, as Curtis Alexander Lillie, on this blog site, but I prefer the following name, from an old scientific fiction vehicle from the sixties:
Here's a link to the Ron Paul meeting in Minnie:
It's getting late, and flights and hotel space are at a premium now (I booked a couple of weeks ago!), but there are several links which are still active.
I MUST SAY that DHS, NWO, and the MSM are ACTIVELY trying to shut down info about this, so it HAS to be right.
Here is one of thousands of videos that describe this man, and his ideas, Ideals, and the LAW of this Land.
Don't know your age Alice, but if you are young at heart, you will understand this:
Ron Paul ROCKS!
Mr. Lillie

Anonymous said...

I have 6 words for you:

"Brevity is the soul of wit"

Some guy named Bill wrote it. I forget his name.

Alice Lillie said...

I agree, LOL!

Guess I am not very witty then.


BTW, while I am here, and this is not related to any comments that are now here, a comment above had to be removed. The website listed was a porn site. That I just cannot have on my blog, and I am pretty sure Blogspot won't have it either. So, down it came.

If anyone linked to that please accept my apologies. Next time a link is posted, I will look at it *immediately.*

willson said...

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