Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Further Readings

(in no particular order, but of interest in this general topic), Shostak, Frank, “The Fed Did It, and Greenspan Should Admit It,” March 19, 2009. This is about interest rates, and how the Federal Reserve created the present boom-and-bust cycle., Rockwell, Lew “Hitler’s Economics,” August 2, 2003. Hitler’s economic policies followed closely the Keynesian approach, as did the FDR policies., Nimmo, Kurt, “Obama: Americans Will Accept Bankster Engineered Depression,” January 10, 2009. The bailout is a tool to concentrate power, and we will all be asked to accept “shared sacrifice” for it. (I refuse.), Reisman, George, “Economic Recovery Requires Capital Accumulation, Not Government ‘Stimulus Packages,’“ February 25, 2009. That says it all., French, Doug, “Forbidden Thoughts from Mencken,” February 26, 2009. H.L. Mencken was Murray Rothbard’s own favorite author. He was a well-known journalist and social critic in the 1920s, and was called the “Sage of Baltimore” or the “Bad Boy of Baltimore.” Would that we had some attention paid to writers like him today (if there writers like him today)., “Black Hole Alert: AIG to Get as Much as $30 Billion More,” March, 2009. They can’t do that? Oh, yes they can, and it is you who are getting robbed!, Celente, Gerald, “The Collapse of ‘09,” March 22, 2009. Not very pretty. But very accurate, I fear., Butler, Bill, “Squeeze Play,” March 10, 2009. Does the FDIC actually have a fund that insures your bank accounts, or is it like the Social Security “fund”? And, how are FDIC policies discriminating against small, local banks that are frugal and solvent in favor of big banks that have been bailed out? Private insurance is suggested., North, Gary, “Children’s Books in Dumpsters: Washington’s Madness Continues,” February 18, 2009. The Little Engine that Could and The Poky Little Puppy! Slightly off-topic, but remember them? Many of these stories taught us individual independence and the difference between right and wrong when we were pre-schoolers. But these precious little books had to be thrown away! Hold on to yours for your posterity with a “cold dead hands” attitude!, Grigg, Norman, “Turning ‘Mr. Hand’ into ‘Mr. Fist,’” February 20, 2009. Another way of expressing how the private sector is being made to suffer while the government sector is thinking of ways to squander its new wealth from “stimulus.”, Woods, Thomas E., “The Deck Chairs Are Fine Where They Are,” March 7, 2009. This is a speech given by Dr. Woods at the Campaign for Liberty’s Liberty Forum at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). There were neoconservatives there, and those who dared listen to him found themselves bee-lining to the restrooms. Dr. Woods is one of the greatest assets the libertarian movement has., Paul, Dr. Ron, “We’re on the Verge of a Major Crisis,” March 20, 2009. A video on which Ron Paul discusses how the AIG bonus controversy is actually caused by the bailout., Murphy, Robert, “The Threat of Hyper-Depression,” April 4, 2009. A spendthrift president, an unleashed Fed and a Congress hostile to property rights point to stagflation squared., Marshall, Andrew G., “The Financial New World Order: Towards a Global Currency and World Government,” April 7, 2009. Following the 2009 G20 summit, plans were announced for implementing the creation of a new global currency to replace the U.S. dollar’s role as the world reserve currency. At this time I am too busy to read this article, but thought it should be listed here FYI., Rockwell, Lew, “Obama’s War on Recovery,” March 18, 2009. Obama’s policies are thought to be in favor of the little guy but are really a rip-off of the ordinary citizen to favor big business. Maybe some on the left will wake up and realize that this is following in Bush’s footsteps.

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