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As I said in the beginning, this series was completely politically incorrect and was meant to be. I hope I have not lost any friends over this. Like Thomas Jefferson, with whom I agree in ever so many ways, I do not think political differences are worth losing friends over.
I have pointed out that three of those most revered by the American people are actually the three who have done the most damage to our country. They have pummeled freedom nearly to death. They have brought about a monster of a system and have, in Orwellian fashion, changed the meaning of the words "freedom" and "liberty" to be defined as that monster, with all its rules, regulations, prohibitions, procedures and mandates, enough to fill whole libraries.
Thanks to them, most people now believe that a person is "free" if he can go to the grocery store any time he wants, or that he is "free" to the extent that he receives a handout from the government, or a "free" beer at the bar.
They believe that "liberty" means you can take "liberties" with your girlfriend, and when she says no, you wonder what kind of a libertarian she is anyway.
Most people no longer "get it." They have, again in Orwellian fashion, changed the meaning of "security," "peace," and "order" to the quiet obedience to a self-proclaimed authority. To them, these terms mean the willing show of papers at a checkpoint in Iraq, or the people turning over their guns to police in San Francisco.
President Bush, as Lincoln and Roosevelt before him, had more than just a wide socialist streak. As a libertarian, I believe I can safely call them socialists, or national socialists, but all stripes of socialism are really the same in that they all subjugate individuals to "society." As I have pointed out, I hope satisfactorily, but if unsatisfactorily I hope the readings have pointed out satisfactorily, this is entirely wrong (1).
In pointing all this out, if I have done my job, I have made a few enemies. This goes with the territory. I think it was Roosevelt's buddy Josef Stalin who said that if you are going to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs. Stalin was wrong about almost everything else, but he was right about that.
If I was not on the establishment's dung list before, I should be now if this job was done right. I hope I have struck some blows of my own, these in favor of liberty. In any case I will carry on.
I will not shut up! I will yell the freedom message from every rooftop until my very last breath.
If I stop, it is not because I shut up. It will be because I was shut up.
So, stay tuned. Come back to the blog every few weeks. If it is down, then it was taken down by someone other than I. I intend to look into the possibility of a mirror blog in case of that. If there are no entries after a few weeks or a couple of months, please feel free to e-mail me at
If you agree with me in the main, get plugged into the libertarian movement. Good places to start would be and
(1) Shows Bush's socialist streak ala Bismarck. A Rothbard quote shows that it is neo-conservatism rather than conventional socialism that is at the polar opposite of libertarianism. (Note: I could not go directly to this link in April, 2005, but found it by going to, putting "Gregory" in the search engine, and then clicking on "The Right-Wing Welfare State." It is worth the effort.)

RECOMMENDED READINGS (in no particular order):, Murphy, Robert P., "Liberty and Order, Home and Abroad." The real meaning of freedom as opposed to the neo-con interpretation., Terse, Nicholas, "The Homeland Security State." The power that the Federal government has concentrated at the Federal level and wields against us all., Rockwell, Lew. "Moderates and Radicals." Don't eat free radicals, be one! Be inspired to dig in your heels and work outside the system if need be. You might speed up your country's fall, which is counter-intuitive to us patriots. But, the faster it falls and sooner it hits bottom, the sooner it can start rising again., Rockwell, Lew. "Absorbed by the State." This is about the "pro-family" movement and the church’s becoming pro-big government and being absorbed into federal programs, thanks to Bushites., Vance, Lawrence B. "Christianity and War," the title essay from his book shows how Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Bush (and other presidents) lied to get the people to go along with a war they wanted., Carson, Stephen. "The Christian Case for War.", Greenslade, Robert. "We the People OR We the States?" The Constitution is a compact between and among the States., "The U.N.'s Shocking Millennium Agenda." George Metcalf interviews U.N. expert Joan Veon., Quite the club - Negroponte, Goss, and Bush's uncle "Bucky" Bush all graduated in the class of 1960 at Yale, and were secret fraternity members. That is where Skull and Bones recruits., "An Abolitionist Defends the South." Lysander Spooner was an anti-slavery Northerner who vigorously opposed the Northern agenda and defended the right to secede., Browne, Harry. "How Do I Liberate Thee? Let Me Count the Ways." The former Libertarian presidential candidate describes the police state foisted on Iraq by our occupation, with links., Gregory, Anthony. "Waco, Oklahoma City, and the Post-9/11 Left-Right Dynamic." The party that happens to be in power is the party that favors more power to the government., Shaffer, Butler. "What is Terrorism?" Anything the state defines it to be!, Nulle, Grant. "Is Bush Now a Budget Cutter?" No way! Even those few areas he wants to cut, he doesn't really as he seems to be waiting for Congress to restore those programs., Samples, Sheila. "Butt Prints in the Sand." The establishment media has bought into the Bush propaganda., Premont, Roxane. "Who's in Charge?" A warning about how EU-NAFTA-FTAA-type bodies undermine national sovereignty., Rockwell, Lew. "Which Way for Liberty?" Just what kind of a regime is this, anyway? And, more important, what should libertarians be doing to fight back?


Anonymous said...

Responsive to your "The Three Worst American Enemies of Freedom" at:

I was born in 1940 and applaud your considerable skill and efforts. As an insensitive male I find your liberal-like bleeding heart touchie-feel-good skirt swishing a bit much -- no doubt this is due to a gender deficiency on my part.

In my opinion you have selected your champion despots well except for failing to include Wilson, and I agree with much of what you say in principle. Yet, in spite of your admirable endeavors you clearly remain a product of the true enemy's pervasive propaganda by permitting your inquiries to become totally ensnared in technical economic minutia and red-herring bullshit.

For a bright lady you are pretty slow on the uptake and are damned-sure far too naive or forgiving of the alleged 'honest mistakes' and 'oversights' of those who successfully conspired to usurp control over our nation via the Fed Reserve Central Bank scam under Wilson. The purported necessity for enactment of this atrocious depreciation of American freedom was to insure that by creation of such centralized control no monetary crises could ever again ravage the people. Yet, so very curiously, the Great Depression crashed down upon the nation just a few years later looting the people's assets and destroying their lives. Then, for years this creature was allowed to scavenge unmolested among the carnage and bones of the people for the last bits of their flesh.

"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws." Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the Jew House of Rothschild.

Many of your conclusions are erroneous and all are mired in the mumbo jumbo provided by the same "chosen" folks that have enslaved we lesser animals.

The following admission was forth coming during a 2002 talk by Federal Reserve Board Governor Ben Bernanke.
"Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve. I would like to say to Milton (Friedman) and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. You're right, we did it. We're very sorry."

The Fed engineered the crash of 1929 through "....the deliberate tightening of monetary policy that began in the spring of 1928 and continued until the stock market crash of October 1929."

This is quite the opposite of your assertion of cause owing to Fed bank credit expansion.

Next, I believe it to be undisputed that monetary contraction was in fact the source of the economic depression, which followed.
Friedman actually dubbed the Great Depression "the Great Contraction of 1929-33"

I have engaged in the foregoing merely to illustrate how easily we get bogged down in meaningless garbage when trying to understand where our liberties have gone and who or what is at the root of their demise and our enslavement. Don't become mired in the useless bickering of how they did it. Look at who did it, and why they did it.

We must stop stumbling about amongst the trees if we are to see the forest. We must ask who are the money lenders of the world? Who was the Jekyll Island mastermind? Who owns the Fed? Who benefited from the crash and depression (i.e.:consolidation of wealth)? Who forced the working people into bankruptcy and poverty and then bought up their assets for ten cents on the dollar? During the American war of northern aggression who did General Grant have to bar from conquered southern territories? Who were the major players in the Negro slave trade? Who had shed no blood yet comprised 80% representation at Versailles to rape the prostrate German people? Who declared war on the German people in 1933? Who have been expelled from 79 host countries? Who put their preening puppet FDR in the Whitehouse? Who engineered American entry into both WWI and WWII? Who historically works both sides of wars always profiting from them? Who were Marx, Trotsky, Lenin etc? (and don't tell me they were Russians!) Who funded the Russian revolution? Who slaughtered 60 million people in the name of communism? Who was Morganthau and what was his plan? Who, during WWII and after, advocated genocidal extinction of the German race? Who was Benjamin Freedman? Who murdered one million German P.O.W. soldiers by brutal exposure, untreated disease and starvation? Who conceived, created, and cultivated the Communist movement? Who dominates 96% of the mass media in the world and there through molds your opinion? Who owns and controls Congress and the Executive? Who constantly strives to destroy the people's Constitutional right to bear arms for protection of life, limb and liberty, their right of redress, their right to selectively determine their social and religious associations, their freedom of assemblage, speech and press? Who owns and censors wikipedia to favor those who censor? Who had developeds supplies free site blocking software to schools, libraries, etc. to censor the truth about themselves? Ect., etc.,.... The list is virtually endless but the answers are always the same. In every case the answer is Jews, Jewry, Zionism, AIPAC, ADL, etc., etc.,

Get your head out of 'where the sun don't shine' and take a good look around! You are being hoodwinked.

You correctly slather on about the horrible acts committed by G. W. Bush, an individual of sub average intelligence and skills, who inexplicably has been promoted to the highest position of leadership and command of this nation. The same qualifications apply to that similarly pathetic elitist spawn Al Gore. How do you think such trash attains prominence? Who do you think is choosing and using these mediocre pieces of Goy garbage as tools to implement their agenda? These people are simply Judas Goats. Do you know what that means?

Look Alice, it is one thing to become the unwitting victim of the Jew, or even to knowingly accept your plight of his mastery over you, but It is quite another thing to become the Jew's willing accomplice against your own kind -- whether it be due to determined ignorance or by complicit intent.

"The Jew then recruits from the weakest and most depraved of the host people a new ruling class, known as the "shabez goi", or Sabbath gentile cattle".  These servile and contemptible people live well as long as they do the bidding of the Jews...."

Before you again apply your very considerable effort, writing skills and intelligence, I would urge you to first think outside of the 'box' that the Jew so carefully delineates to stifle not only the scope of inquiry and therefore conclusion, but to obscure the fact that it is he who actually controls according to his own interests and agenda.

I have just finished reading your complete work over for the third time, hoping to seize upon some universally magic point which would stimulate your desire to seek truth. However, I am finally beginning to understand that there can be no such point for you because you just "don't get it" and don't want to get it. You truly are a 'propaganda product' and like it that way -- perfectly content to pick your "truth" from the approved selection of red-herring differences the Chosen ones serve up. Hell, you probably believe that Bush, Cheney, the GOP and 'Gush' Limbaugh are "conservative" -- and that Neocons are just new conservatives. Well, there is nothing traditionally conservative about any of them. They are all Israel First Zionists, Israel First Zionist Jews, or Israel First Zionist Christians.

At this time, the Zionist Jew cabal rules the Executive and the Marxist Jew cabal runs Congress. The fine loyal Americans in government are most eager to spend American blood and treasure to kill, maim, destroy, occupy and steal to serve the Jew as he dictates.

Look at it this way, unless you live in a vacuum you know that jews are tribal, that they control our mass media, our entertainment, pornography, all three branches of American government, our public education, textbooks/materials, our entire monetary system including credit, funds, insurance, the Fed Reserve & central banks, most institutions of higher learning, a plethora of huge tax exempt foundations wielding enormous social power, etc.,,, If these facts don't tell you something about who is actually in control and systematically destroying American liberty in his quest for world domination, you very richly deserve your enslavement to the most vile creature on the face of the globe. The Worst American Enemy of Freedom is "organized Jewry" -- hands down!

I would encourage you to read the blog of an exceptionally bright lady, Jayne Gardener, who swallowed the lies for 52 years before waking up.

Another absolutely brilliant blog is written by Patrick Grimm.

And a third is by the John Bryant 'birdman' who says:
"Ask not if I am a conspiracy theorist, a racist, a bigot, a hater, a nazi or an anti-semite," Birdman says, "Ask only if I am RIGHT."

You may also learn something from these links:
(full context)

Alice Lillie said...

Thanks for reading it...three times yet.

Towards the end you spoke of neocons. I wrote an essay on neoconservatism and you can find it in the listing on the right hand side, I think. It's here in any case.

My main objection here (besides the "swishy skirts" or whatever, LOL) is your groupthink.

Another main objection is that you seem to think more of Milton Friedman than Murray Rothbard. While Friedman was a very fine economist, I would suggest you read Rothbard's _Great Depression_ and his fine works on money and banking. And, yes, the Fed is privately owned, but nobody can convince me that it and the government do not depend on each other.

If you read your Rothbard you'll see that his being a Jew (I am not even sure he was) had no bearing on his astounding ability to understand things. He was way too independent to be part of any group.

You say I don't get it. Yes I do. I *get* that human beings are *individuals* and that groups such as Jews, gentiles, blacks, whites, and others are far less important than *individuals.* You blame everything on Jews. No. The blame for any evil act is on the person who did it. In the case of our loss of liberty, there are lots of culprits.

Yes, Pres. Wilson was one of them. In fact I thought long and hard before choosing to write on F.D. Roosevelt over Wilson. Nixon was extremely anti-freedom too. And there were others who never went to the White House.

But I wanted to pick the *one* very worst of the whole century. So, actually, since there were a few who were right down there with the worst, it was almost arbitrary.

OK, so you think I've been duped. I think you have by your lumping people together in groups.

You are entitled to think what you want. My job is to throw some ideas out.

In fact, speaking of Murray Rothbard, over the coming winter season I plan to write an essay for this blog on his work. Hope you read it.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Red-Herring Alice,

Please accept my apologies for unnecessarily wasting both my time and yours with my recent post concerning your Enemies of American Liberty essay.

My earlier post was well intentioned to enlighten. Unfortunately, I failed to peg you for a leftist shill. I should have caught on from the thinly veiled feminist tint and from reading another reader's perceptive comment that you were very "politically correct". That was was dead-on. In the words of a famous man, the proper expression for Political Correctness is 'Cultural Marxism' -- and you fit the bill!

Regrettably, I completely mistook you for a propagandized loyal American who genuinely cares but just didn't get it. I now realize that your purpose in this little front-operation of yours is to obscure the facts and truth with meaningless red-herrings -- and that your Bush-Bitching is really just a bit of intertribal rivalry between your Zionist PNAC and Marxist factions -- but hey, what are a few sour grapes in the family when collectively you still have the stupid American Goy cattle by the throat. So, no matter which way, the filthy goyim animals will always be forced to support you 'chosen' and your little racist welfare state with both their treasure and their blood.

Actually, it's almost comic to recall myself as a loyal American coming here, brimming with good will (unknowingly in the camp of my mortal enemy) and earnestly offering you the ultimate antidote of truth and facts to kill the very same malignancy you degenerate people work so hard to cultivate in my once-free society. It's like offering a fire extinguisher to the arsonist as she sets her fires.

The last thing you want or can deal with here is fact and truth. Small wonder since fact and truth constitute a wooden stake driven deep into the parasitic heart of virulent Supremacist Jewry bent upon genocidal extermination of the White race and culture by miscegenation as a necessary prelude to world domination.

You sure had me fooled comrade.