Friday, May 06, 2005

The Three Worst American
Enemies of Freedom


The mainstream press is no longer free. We wonder why the press is such a lapdog to the Bush administration. Are reporters lazy? Busy? Maybe some are lazy. All are likely busy. But there are threats hanging over their heads. Look at what happened to ace reporter Gary Webb. He was out of a job for years. He recently died, reportedly having committed suicide by two gunshots. (Two? Are we really sure it was a suicide?)
And consider what is happening to reporters who refuse to disclose (read rat on) confidential sources. Some have wound up in prison after breaking no law, like the New York Times and Time Magazine reporters who gallantly refused to name sources of information about the leakage of a covert CIA agent's name. And, now, recently, there is a move to include bloggers under the provision of the obviously unconstitutional McCain-Feingold.
I am not a reporter. But in addition to the new blog I do post an occasional Zine to the Internet and am proud to be politically incorrect. I think that being factually correct and independently thinking is a lot more important than being politically correct, come what may.
I am about to issue a series of Zines and will be the first to admit that some feathers are going to be ruffled. Some bubbles will be burst. But please understand that my own was too while I was learning.
This series will be on the three people who I believe are the worst American enemies of liberty. Each will be the worst enemy of one of three centuries, the 19th, the 20th, and the 21st so far.
The decision to do this series came out of an investigation of the many facets of the "New World Order" that has been in the works for decades and that the Bush administration is now pushing us into. Economic and political power have been gravitating toward establishment interests in general and, in particular, political power has been gravitating to the White House.
As mentioned, the mainstream media kowtow to the Bush administration. The difference between "left-slanted" and "right-slanted" reporting is in the detail only. Both are slanted towards big, powerful government, the difference being only in emphasis.
Big Business and the Bush administration are so closely knit that I don't think anyone denies that any more. The only question is, is Big Business running the Federal government, or has the Federal government turned Big Business into a puppet? It could be some of both, but I think it matters little when so much of the money and power are concentrated in one place. Even inside the federal government the balance of power is upset; the executive branch seems to have the lion's share now.
So I had to wonder, how did all this get started? History was my worst subject in school, so I didn't know. I started learning. Early on I learned the most important lesson. That lesson was that what they teach in most schools that passes for history is one long praise-a-thon for government. So, I guess I am now ‘way ahead of the "A" students.
The schools teach that the Civil War, or the War for Southern Independence, was about slavery, and that the slaves were freed when gallant Northerners rode in and defeated those terrible Southerners.
That is not true!
And, when I went to school in the Northeast, we were not even told about the internment of Americans of Japanese (and other) descent. We were told that no person in America was ever denied any freedom.
We were also taught the patently ridiculous falsehood that the New Deal ended the Great Depression.
That is not true either!
Now, schools are teaching, and many still believe, that the attacks of September 11 were carried out by perpetrators who are jealous of our freedom and prosperity, and not because so much anger has been generated by our imperialism and our playing policeman of the world for the last century.
How wrong can that be?
The New world Order is based on propaganda and lies that have been fed to us for more than a century and a half. I intend to do my part to dispel these lies, and a good way to start might be to choose three of the most dreadful American enemies of liberty who have been heroes in the minds of the majority, and to show why they should not be heroes at all to anyone who believes in the Founders' principles and who favors individual liberty.
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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, my top three list for biggest American enemies are:

the american people who willingly take part in government based on violence

the american public who willingly pay taxes to support government based on violence

the american public who willingly fight in wars and who glorify the institution with statues, plaques, yellow ribbons and Memorial Day parades.

Any other individuals (Lincoln, FDR, Bush - if my guess is right) are just high profile boogie men.

Lone Ranger said...

I'm a reporter. And this is the most politically correct blog I've ever stumbled upon -- not to mention paranoid.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I just ran across your site and enjoyed reading through everything.

I'm trying to get a blog going on my site too. But I dont think i have the patience to do it!

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Michael Morrison said...

That fellow using "Lone Ranger" ought to be sued by the Wrather Corp. for his misuse of a trademark.
In addition, he is insulting a precious memory, for the Lone Ranger was a hero, a brave and honorable man who fought injustice, who fought crime and criminals, who stood for the right, NOT "the Right," who would, in fact, have helped overthrow the evil administration that is George W. Bush's.
The Lone Ranger opposed force and fraud, both of which the Bush administration uses joyously and constantly to acquire and retain power.
This miscreant misusing the name "Lone Ranger" is violating a memory, infringing on a trademark, and is calling others "paranoid" when, in fact, he is so paranoid himself that he won't let visitors to his own pretty awful Republican blog make any comments.
And calling Alice Lillie and Her Blogspot "politically correct" shows he doesn't even understand the English language.

notepad said...

Please, for your sake, and everyone else's, realize that 911 was an inside job.

Research it ...the buildings were brought down by demolition charges.

# # #

Alice Lillie said...

To "Notepad" -

Thank you for reading the blog.

I am aware of the articles on this and yes, I do suspect that it was an "inside job." I have also read about these demolition charges.

But, I personally do not know enough about things like this to form a firm opinion. I think it is altogether possible.


Anonymous said...

Anyone realize just how accurate Anonymous (the 1st commenter) truly was? Members who were aware of the atrocities being committed in their name (authority) are "accessories before the fact", those who find out later, and remain members, are "accessories after the fact".

"To join, or support, one that would, in his opinion, be inefficient, would be absurd. To join or support one that, in his opinion, would itself do injustice, would be criminal." ~ Natural Law or The Science of Justice