Monday, May 03, 2010

The Works of Murray N. Rothbard (Part III)

(Please note: Because of Blogspot's new format, you will need to click on "Older Posts" to find the latter parts of this post. Parts III through the Epilogue will be on "Older Posts" pages. I hope you find it well worth your while to read the whole thing. And I do thank you.)

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Alice Lillie said...


I appreciate every comment whether it is in agreement with me or not. All are approved.

But, there have been some "comments" either in Japanese or Chinese (my ignorance, I know nothing of either language) which have links on them. These links have sometimes led to pictures of scantily-clad women, and some more writing in those languages and further links.

Now maybe these are ads for a line of women's lingerie. That in and of itself is cool, but then maybe they are something much less innocent.

I will not allow porn or solicitations for sex. This is my blog and I set the standards. Also, this page is owned by Blogspot and they have rights too.

I have fiercely opposed censorship which means no *government* should disallow any content, but a *private* blog and a *private* webpage does have the right to decide content.

My decision is any and all opinions are welcome, but because I have my standards, there won't be any porn, either "hard" or "soft," as defined by me and/or Blogspot.

If you want that sort of stuff, other pages are exercising their First Amendment right to supply it. If you do find anything like that here, please let me know ASAP!

Thank you!