Monday, May 23, 2011

Further readings Dennis Cuddy, "A Guinea Pig Remembers." The author was a student who was used in psychological experiments on students. Many establishment names mentioned by Gatto turn up here. March 7, 2011. Jim Powell, "Public Schools and Social Conflicts." Public schools do not prevent conflict. They cause it. October 21, 2010.
Barbara Dragon, "Homeschoolers Reveal the Path to Greater Educational Achievement." The key to achievement is the absence of government regulation. December 6, 2010
Nina Dimitrov, "Is This the Public Education You are Paying For?" She had dreamed of being a teacher since she was little, and became a very good one. But the nature of government school was such that she could not continue. December 31, 2010. Sharon Secor's blog. Practicing Resistance and Raising Revolutionaries.

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